Wine Rack Plans – Build Your Own Wine Rack


You can’t believe your ears and eyes. Your wine rack just splintered into pieces and you’re standing there watching as the red wine slowly spreads its ugly stain through your carpet. You are sure you followed the plans to the letter. The problem wasn’t in your construction, the fault could lie in choosing the wrong wine rack plans. Now your challenge is to convince your wife it is not your fault.

Hopefully this hasn’t really happened to you. If you have made the decision to build your own wine rack, you must consider the quality of the plans you are going to use. It may seem like an unimportant piece of home furnishings until the moment it fails. Then you are faced with the loss of money from all your wines, and the cost of a professional cleaner attempting to remove the stains from your carpet. In the worst case, you may even need to replace the carpet.

By choosing wine rack plans designed by a professional craftsman, you have two important assurances. Number one, you can be confident they know what they are talking about, and their instructions will be complete, accurate, and will include the proper material list. Secondly, you can be sure they will have tested their plans, and know their quality. A professional woodworker is not going to stake his reputation, and his livelihood on a set of substandard plans.

Build Your Own Eco-friendly Water Soaker Garden Irrigation System – Conserve Water


You looked at installing a underground sprinkler system on your property. And then stopped short when you realized the thousands of dollars it would cost! How could plastic pipe and sprinkler heads cost so much? Here is a lasting inexpensive water irrigation system that is near maintenance free and will have your neighbors wondering why they never see you watering your garden and plants. You can claim yours to be an environmentally friendly garden soaker system (or water drip system), using the minimum amount of water to sustain your plants and shrubs.Get the water as close to the plant roots as possible. Using less water is important to our global environment.Communities now encourage water soaker systems instead of sprinkler systems. Water applied near the ground will mostly be absorbed into the earth where it is needed by the plant and grass roots. Water sprayed above the plants and grass lands on the leaves and flowers before dripping to the ground. This longer exposure to the air will cause much of the sprayed or sprinkled water to evaporate into the hot summer air.More than ever now communities control the watering of lawns and gardens during the summer months. Sometimes you are restricted to garden watering only – not lawns. An automatic water timer system combined with a soaker hose system makes plenty of sense in reducing the amount of water dispensed to water your garden plants and shrubs. So how can I make an effective soaker system for my garden for under $500?With some off-the-shelf components, you can have a simple but elegant soaker system that with be automatic and near maintenance free. With a simple water timer system, Y-connectors, faucet multipliers, some 1 1/2″ abs pipe, quality 1/2″ garden hose and your choice of soaker hoses or irrigation hoses for potted or hanging plants, border gardens, row gardens or (dare I say) even lawn sprinklers. You now have the elements for a simple soaker irrigation system for your garden. This do-it-yourself automatic water irrigation system will ensure you water plants at the best time every day; specifically, early morning and late afternoon. As an added home security feature, when you are away from home your garden will sustain its beauty and make it look like someone is at home.Here is the material list required for your automatic garden soaker system. (Note: there is a complete Picasa image gallery of all the required components of this inexpensive soaker system at ):1) Select your water timer I selected Orbit from Home Depot. Make sure it has a battery timer so power outages won’t alter your scheduled watering times. It should allow for at least 3 watering zones.2) Select your main faucet multiplier (or Valve splitter) that will attach to your outside water faucet and can accommodate the 3-4 water zones plus a spare to allow for regular garden hose watering. You can secure these special faucet multipliers from garden centers or at Lee Valley Tools. 3) Enough 1 1/2″ ABS pipe (and glue) and 22.5 degree elbows to run underground (6″ – 10″ depth). Use the 22.5 degree elbows only to allow for easy insertion of the garden hose into the ABS pipe. You can cut further costs by burying the garden hoses directly underground. The ABS piping does provide added protection from accidental puncture from aerators, pitch forks and other garden tools. This ABS pipe can also serve double duty to run low voltage wire or speaker wire to the remote areas of your garden.4) Enough quality garden hoses to run through the ABS pipe and connect to the soaker hoses in all your garden beds.5) Soaker hoses for all your garden beds.6) Enough Faucet multipliers (Valve splitters) to extend each watering zone with soaker hose as required.Creating your automatic garden soaker system involves more of a landscaping effort than anything else. Here are 3 steps to completing your eco-friendly automatic garden soaker system (Note: refer to the Picasa image gallery for details of component assembly):1) Bury the ABS pipe feeding the garden hose through it as you connect and glue the pipe sections. Bury the pipe 6″-10″ under your lawn or sidewalk. Have both ends extend out of the ground using the 22.5 degrees elbows so that the stiff hose can still be easily pulled through the pipe.2) Connect the soaker hoses to the ends of the garden hoses and weave the soaker hoses through your garden under plants and around shrubs. Follow the installation instructions of the soaker hose manufacturer.3) Install the water timer and water zone valves on the faucet multiplier. Connect the hoses for each zone. Follow the installation instructions of the water timer manufacturer. Do not set the water time for each zone more than 20 minutes each. Set two water times early morning (around 6 am) and late afternoon (around 7 pm).Maintenance of your Irrigation System and Preparation for Freezing Winter Temperatures:1) Disconnect the [zone] hoses at the main faucet where the Water Timer is located. 2) Using a Shop Wet Vac, suck the excess water from each zone hose. Use electrical tape to secure the vacuum pipe against the end of the hose. Turn on the wet vac and let it run for 10-15 minutes. Empty the water extracted before repeating this for each hose at the main faucet. You will extract enough water from the hoses so as not to incur any winter damage to your hoses from freezing water.3) Tape a plastic bag over the ends of each of the [zone] hoses. This will prevent little critters from getting in the hoses and clogging them when you reconnect the system in the spring.4) Remove the water timer and faucet multiplier. Store them in a warm place where they will not freeze.5) Note: you DO NOT need to disconnect and remove the soaker hoses. They should last 4-6 years before you need to replace them. Check the soaker hoses each spring for holes. You can patch these holes with high-friction Silicone tape. You may also leave outdoors all-year-round any valve splitters that were used to increase the soaker hoses in a particular water zone.You now have an inexpensive water soaker system that won’t break the bank. You have saved thousands of dollars and can boast of being a friend to our environment. You clearly are doing your part for water conservation and the ecology. Nice going!

The Benefits Of Choosing A Petrol Lawnmower


There are many benefits of using a petrol lawnmower to keep your garden neat and tidy. The first of these and for many people, a crucial one, is that there is no electric cable to worry about. This makes using your mower much less hazardous as there is no risk of slicing through the cable whilst you are working. It also means that you do not have to worry about whether your cable is long enough to get to all the corners of your garden that you need to reach. If you have a very big area of ground, this is a great advantage as the further away you are from the power source, the longer the cable has to be and the more difficult it is to manage to drag it around behind you when you mow.

The second advantage of having a petrol lawnmower is that they have more power than an electric model. This makes them the preferred type of mower for gardeners who need a reliable and sturdy machine that will not let them down when they need to be able to depend on their equipment for their livelihood. In some parts of the world, petrol mowers are referred to as gas-powered mowers or gas mowers. Usually fitted with a two-stroke engine, these machines use a mixture of gasoline and oil to provide the fuel they need. An electric key start is helpful for those of us who find the pull cord difficult so now getting your lawnmower started is as easy as turning on the ignition in your car.

The number of top manufacturers and the range of models available in all three groups of mower would have to be the third benefit on my list. Rotary mowers are perhaps the most popular as they are most suitable for family gardens. They are available in both a wheeled version and a hover version and whilst they do not cut as short as the cylinder mowers, they give an excellent finish and are better at coping with uneven ground.

The Benefits of Hardiplank for Houston Homes


If you’ve been planning a siding replacement project in Texas, then you might have noticed that more and more homeowners are choosing Hardiplank, particularly in Houston. If you have yet to hear about Hardiplank, then you may be wondering why its become such a popular option for siding material.

Hardiplank is a brand of fiber cement siding manufactured by James Hardie Building Products. It’s composed of a combination of cement-like materials and wooden fibers. As a form of siding material, Hardiplank is used in Houston for a number of reasons, the most common of which, is its look. Although Hardiplank is classified as fiber cement, it’s barely discernible from actual wood. It’s also less expensive in comparison, which allows Houston homes to have an elegant exterior for a more affordable price.

Using Hardiplank for Houston homes can also be more beneficial when compared to other siding materials. For example, even though it looks like wood, Hardiplank is water, bug and impact resistant. It doesn’t have any of the problems that wood usually has like termites, rot, and a tendency to splinter.You may also come across vinyl as another option to Hardiplankin Houston. This is because vinyl is cheaper as a material, and easier to install, hence lower labor cost. However, the problem with using vinyl siding is that although it’s more affordable, it doesn’t respond well to heat. Unless it’s treated properly, vinyl siding can warp or melt. Moreover, it can also release toxic fumes that are dangerous to both you and the environment.

Visit Milano Sposi and plan a perfect wedding


Milano Sposi, one of the most important fairs in Italy dedicated to the world of wedding, takes place in the Mediolanum Forum of Assago, near Milan.

Although the institution of marriage seems to have lost its importance in the last few years, there are still many couples that wish to get married and that hope to do that in the best possible way, planning a perfect ceremony and taking care of each detail, from placeholders at the restaurant to the honey moon.

Milano Sposi, the fair dedicated to the brides and grooms and to the day that should be the most beautiful day of their lives, is meant to provide the couple with all the instruments and ideas to plan the perfect wedding, the furnishing of the house and so on. An event that keeps achieving success although the institution of marriage is losing its importance, as highlighted by the data regarding the number of celebrated weddings in the last few years: while in 1994 over 290.000 weddings took place in Italy, in 2008 the couples that decided to get married were less than 250.000. Nonetheless the pavilions of Milano Sposi are always full of couples who visit the stalls looking for an original idea for the dress, for the hairdo of the bride and so on.

Does Your Refrigerator Need The Appliance Doctor


Appliance doctor offers refrigerator repair in White Plains, the Bronx, Manhattan, Yonkers, and all over New York City, so weve met plenty of people who waited until their fridges broke down completely before calling us. This meant they had to go without one for some time until the repairs could be completed, or that they needed to buy a whole new machine. Very inconvenient, and very expensive. Appliance doctor doesnt like to see that happen, so here are a few ways to identify whether your refrigerator might be in need of our repair services.
Best Refrigerator Repair in the New York City Area
Lets start with one of the easiest ways to spot an ailing refrigerator: worn out wires. If any wires are frayed, or show signs of excessive wear, its time to book an appointment with the appliance doctor. Unlike other symptoms of a sickly refrigerator, this problem could make yours go from working to broken in a heartbeat. Sometimes all it takes is a replacement cord, so call us today and save yourself a sudden breakdown.
Another indication will be rising energy costs. Of course, these are climbing all the time, but some increases can indicate a problem with your refrigerator. If somethings wrong on the inside, your machine is going to have to work harder and harder to keep itself cold, and that means using more and more energy. Some power providers let you track individual appliance usage rates, or you could use a watt-hour meter to check the refrigerators power output.
You can also gauge whether your refrigerator is failing to use energy correctly by keeping tabs on how its running. Have you started finding sheets of ice in the freezer, or noticed that food tends to freeze up when its placed near the back of the fridge? If so, you might be in need of refrigerator repair. Similarly, you might find that the machine isnt getting cool enough. This is one sign you definitely shouldnt ignore. Not only is a fridge which isnt cooling likely to need a repair, its also going to put your health in danger by failing to keep your food from spoiling. Make sure you react to this problem fast by calling appliance doctor. Doing so might just save you a trip to the hospital.
Get Quick Refrigerator Repair with the Appliance Doctor
Failing to call appliance doctor in time could mean the difference between a quick, cheap repair and a total replacement. For example, many problems take their toll on the refrigerators motor which is usually the most expensive part of the whole machine. Dont ignore those warning signs. Instead, contact the appliance doctor today. Our factory trained and certified team are repair experts, and are familiar with a huge range of modern brands, including Admiral, Electrolux, Hotpoint, Sears, LG, and many more. Appliance doctor is ready to provide a quick turnaround on all jobs, and provide expert advice for the future. Weve been supplying quality appliance repair for over 30 years, and were always happy to help.